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I personally believe its really important to have a good educational portfolio no matter what career you eventually choose.

I also believe I'm GOD'S EXTENSION.

Attitude to life

Life to me is what you make of it,
what you decide it to be.

Life's about making the best of every chance u've got to move on with life without looking back, because life will always go on without looking back at you.

Being wise enough to know that a persons heart beat could stop beating in just a second, therefore not taking chances or wasting time in trying to live your life while it lasts, trying to please others,when the truth is you can't please everyone at the same time .


I'm feminine in nature,i'm extremely caring fellow and extremely supportive,i'm a little aggressive and i'm an extremely warm person,caring understanding,loving .

As an Extrovert and a Literature student, i had a special kind of love for acting.

I'm very patient,occationally get angry and extremely confident,successful,sincere and faithful towards my people

I'm extremely ambitiuos with lots of energy.
I'm also very romantic,passionate and intelligent but i'm quiet independent 
I look after my body and take pride in my appearance.

More of me

I'm quiet spiritual and not really superstitious.

I'm extremely compassionate,flexible/adaptable,
gentle,careful,cautious person,deep person and reliable.

I'm not a selfish and proud person cos i dont fancy that.
My Interest

I like to go out during the weekends only cos i dont take my work with pleasure.
I enjoy dinning out eating African food


She is my everything. I love her so much coz she has make a great impact to my life. Luv u aunty.
A rare gem
Shai pweety
She is a sister from another mother, Gbemi I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for standing by me through thick and thin. She is a friend in need and indeed.
Uduak Ekpo

Uduak i will always remember you, ure such a wonderful friend.
Uduak was my class mate in my secondary school days (Lagos Anglican Girls' Grammar School).We were in the same class right from J.S.S. 3 and since then she has always be my best friend.

Uduak is a friend in need and also a friend indeed. I will always luv u.

My Jewel of Life

Meet my Jewel.... She's ma Joy and Everything in life. i lov u loads mama. God bless u for me and my younger ones

She is simply the best!! A friend and a sister.....Love u plenrry. Big 10 Q 2 u.

Thanks for visiting my web site.